Assessment Center

"Aptitude and performance evaluation based on real business problem solving"

"By observing distinctive personality traits and leadership attitudes through realistic simulation exercises, an expert panel is able to assesses each candidate’s competencies and behaviors when dealing with decision making situations."


Allows the evaluation of current and expected behavior from practical simulation exercises through active role playing.

Exercises used are designed to highlight the specific competencies required in the role on which the candidate is being evaluated.

Problem solving scenarios are designed to highlight specific competencies that must be evaluated while the candidate plays a particular role.

Exercises simulate actual business and working environment, unlike standard psychological tests which generally have a clinical orientation.

The final delivery is an objective report done in consensus by a group of expert evaluators rather than a traditional one-person assessment.


Selection and Promotion:

  • VPs/Directors
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Specialized/Technical Personnel
  • Work Teams


  • Training needs and skills development
  • Potential evaluation/performance
  • Detection of generic and specific competences


  • Skills acquisition and/or enhancement through quasi-real simulations
  • Professional and career planning design