Training and Development

We offer a wide range of tools for the personal and professional improvement of your group of collaborators, to increase their productivity and commitment levels across the whole company.

Courses and Seminars

Training programs specifically designed to your company needs.

  • Leadership Development.
  • Competency-based Interviews.
  • Stress Management.
  • Supervisor training.
  • Managing change resistance.

Outplacement and career reorientation

Top Management provides guidance and support strategies to coach and facilitate the disengagement process, redirecting executives and professional staff who are transitioning to new positions, are retiring or have terminated their working relationship with the company.


  • Minimizes the negative impact and uncertainty due to staff reduction processes.
  • Designed for your company needs.
  • Significantly reduces legal problems.
  • Reassures human capital moral, commitment and compromise throughout the whole organization.


Specific skill development towards organizational goals achievement through personalized training and leadership mentoring.


  • A quicker Continuous Planning Methodology (CPM).
  • Greater business vision strategic development.
  • Individual competencies and skills development that can have huge impact on work teams.
  • Incremental effectiveness in personal and organizational productivity.

Career & succession planning

Our career and succession planning program starts by identifying an individual’s potential and the key competencies and skills that need to be acquired and developed, mainly in highly-specialized positions and executive levels.


  • Professional development of high-potential executives.
  • Management and C-level positions coverage with the right candidate at the right time.
  • Long and mid-term highly qualified professionals career planning.

Training needs detection and assessment

Through our Training Needs Detection and Assessment, we can identify the type of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that your staff needs to strengthen in order to achieve their goals and meet the organizational strategic objectives.


  • Training programs design and implementation.
  • Corrects organizational issues and facilitates change management.
  • Redirects productivity and efficiency deviations.
  • Prevents future undesired impacts due to cultural, policies, methods or technical misadjustments.
Detection of Training Needs
Labor competency models

Labor competency models

Top Management experts provide professional support in developing and implementing labor competency models across the organization, that allows quantitative and qualitative key management indicators identification for any given position and/or work area.


  • It provides a solid framework to effectively carry out different human resources processes, such as selection, evaluation, compensation, training and staff development.
  • Achieves an organizational inventory of knowledge, skills, capabilities and competencies.
  • Develops a comprehensive development plan, focused on the organization’s strategy, objectives and culture.

Individual development plans

We customize individual training plans, with multiple high impact and low cost recommendations to develop key competencies in the short and medium-term.


  • Personal commitment to individual change and development.
  • Increases individual and organizational productivity.

Training Assesment (ROI)

Determines which critical factors are to be achieved through training in quantifiable and measurable terms. It lets the company know exactly the return on the invested money in staff training, making it sure it is a good investment. In other words, our Training Assessment process lets our clients know if they are getting an adequate return on their training budget.

Customized Teaching Material

Custom made teaching material that facilitates knowledge acquisition, skills and attitudes in order to support our clients in their training processes.


  • Develop training material based on specific training objectives.
  • A better grasp and understanding of complex concepts.
  • Encourages the participation of all of the organization’s members.