Consulting support services

If your company decides to implement its search, recruitment and selection process internally, we also offer the following support services.

Wages and Salary Report

Benchmarking wages and salaries to similar companies allows you to determine if your payment structure is competitive or not, which is an important factor to attract and retain exceptional executive talent.

Organizational Structures

A clear organizational structure creates and defines understandable authority and responsibility lines within the organization, improving a manager's supervision and control functions, as well as establishing a strategic recruitment and human capital acquisition plan.

"No other recruitment firm offers the in-depth analysis and consulting expertise on c-level executives than TOP MANAGEMENT"

Job Description and Profiles

Our job analysis and profile design services offers a comprehensive description of the tasks, talent specifications and performance levels required for each position.

Employment and Personal References Verification

Based on previous job positions research and following a detailed background and reference check, we are able to validate a candidate’s provided information reliability and predict how well the person will perform, and what will be the expected level of engagement, responsibility and behavior regarding future commitments.