"We provide our clients with the best executive talent: that which possesses not only the precise skills to fulfill their organizational strategic needs but is willing to learn and adapt so they may lead their teams to success no matter what the future brings."

Julio Marquez, Director.

About us

Our Expertise:

Attracting and promoting C-level and highly skilled executive talent.

Our Values:

  • Excel to exceed clients’ expectations.
  • Passion for customer service.
  • Integrity, always.
  • Engage in a long term commitment.

Our Customers

Executive Recruitment

Recruiting and Promoting Human Talent.

Human Diagnostics

Competency-based interviews, Leadership Assessment and Assessment Center.

Consulting Support Services

Wages and salary reports, Organizational structure design, Job profiling and positions’ descriptions and Previous employment verification and background and references check.

Assessment Center

Training and Development

We offer a wide range of support tools for your managers, executives and supervisors; with the goal of increasing their productivity levels:

  • Labor Competency Models
  • DNC
  • Specialized learning material

Assessment Center

Our staff of Assessment Center certified recruiters have extensive professional experience structuring and leading HR departments. This allow us to develop customized competencies evaluation projects for our clients. Comprehensive multi-criteria assessments are done in accordance to specific requirements, following the Top Management model and using our proprietary Metrixx® software and other standard psychometric tools.

Assessment Center